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LCS - Proposal

Proposal presented by: White Confetti Designs

Website Redesign Proposal


Project Goals

Lakeshore Commercial Services needs to set itself apart from competitors while maintaining a coherent message. Lakeshore Commercial Services needs a website refresh to update its brand and presence on the web. Lakeshore Commercial Services is small, nimble, and passionate firm all about Commercial Real Estate and we need that to be at your core.   Given the state of your competitors web sites we think Lakeshore Commercial Services has a real opportunity to differentiate itself through world class design, a consistent message and in-house support.   Current competitor websites are cold and very "business" orientated, but people like to deal with real people. We like to know that someone is on the other end of the phone or inbox and that they genuinely care. I believe that by focusing on the service, the people and the experience behind Lakeshore Commercial Services we can create something that will elevate the your brand brand to a point of reference for commercial real estate.

Measures of Success

A website redesign is nothing without a return on investment. Based on our previous discussions we believe that by achieving the following, we can bring Lakeshore Commercial Services to the forefront of the market.   • Design updates with great usability, a higher engagement   • Adding a front-end property management system   • Payments Integration   • Property Page Templates   • Listing Page Options   • Google Maps Integration

Preliminary Design

Working in conjunction with Lakeshore Commercial Services, White Confetti Designs will recommend templates based on the needs we have discussed. Once a template is approved, White Confetti can begin incorporating the Content Management System and getting it ready for initial design and content setup. The preliminary design concept for the new website will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.   • Lakeshore Commercial Services will need to provide the basic website content prior to initial design beginning. We have found that content can be the biggest roadblock in finishing a website in the time projected, which is why we require the initial copy prior to starting. This allows us to focus on more of the design and function of the site, rather than trying to piece it together as we go along.   • White Confetti Designs will provide access to our Content Workbook within our online project updates portal to assist Lakeshore Commercial Services in developing the site content.   Once we complete our initial review of the website, the copy can be added to or changed as needed.

Initial Design Review

Once the initial design is ready for review, White Confetti Designs will setup a meeting or phone call to go over the website with Lakeshore Commercial Services. In this review, we will go through the site page by page and notes will be taken regarding any edits, changes or additions we discuss.

Second / Final Design Review

Once the changes and edits have been made to the website, White Confetti Designs will setup another meeting or phone call to go over the website with Lakeshore Commercial Services. In this review, we will once again go through the site page by page and notes will be taken regarding any edits, changes or additions we discuss.   At this time, based on the changes discussed, we will decide if we are in need of a third review or if we are close enough to begin getting the site ready to go live.


Once the site is ready to go live, White Confetti Designs will run ONE two-hour training session with Lakeshore Commercial Services employees, showing them how to use the Content Management System. This can be done on site or online.


When Lakeshore Commercial Services has finished incorporating all the content they wish to have at launch, they will ask White Confetti Designs to make the site go live...Congratulations!

Pricing Overview

Three components to our pricing


Our design fees include the following:   • Preliminary Design   • Initial Design   • Second / Final Design Review   • Training

Website Maintenance

White Confetti Designs will assist you as you rollout your new website. An important part of keeping your site relevant and attracting visitors is by updating your content. This can be through new products or services, resource updates or latest industry news. Some companies do not have the time or resources to make frequent updates, so we can help by making them for you under one flat fee. This would include any updates made to the website. Whether it’s a new page or menu item, updated site graphics, addition of forms, or latest news articles, it would be covered under the retainer. Managed hosting is also included in the monthly retainer. Managed hosting typically includes the following services:    • Network Management   • Managed Backup   • Managed Firewall   • Patches & Updates   • Proactive Monitoring

Pass-through Expenses

We pass -though charges for website hosting fees, dedicated ip address and site scanning without markup or administrative charge of any kind.   Pass-through expenses - paid annually:     • Word Press Template - $85.00 • Web Hosting and Setup (1-Year) - $150.00 • Dedicated • IP Address - $65.00 • Site Scanner* (1-Year) - $25.00       Total: Annual Fee for Pass-through expenses - $325.00        *SG Site Scanner is a monitoring services that checks your website daily and immediately notifies White Confetti Designs if your website has been hacked or injected with malicious code.

Our Process

We not only have a great eye for design, but - most importantly - we know that design is a means to an end.

Estimated Timeline:

June - July 15, 2020

What: Project kick-off - 1 hour web-conference meeting to get the project started.
Who: You and Us
What: Sitemap delivered - We’ll prepare the final sitemap for the project.
Who: Us
What: Prepare content - Make sure you’re happy with the content for the website.
Who: You
What: Content review - We’ll review and amend the content you sent us.
Who: Us
What: Wireframes and styling (if needed) - We’ll send you the wireframes and styling ideas.
Who: Us
What: Styling feedback - We’ll meet for up to an hour to discuss styling direction.
Who: You and Us
What: Homepage delivered - We’ll give you the homepage styling for review.
Who: Us
What: Two sets of revisions - We’ll revise the homepage based on your feedback.
Who: You and Us
What: Inner pages - We’ll start work on the inner pages of the website.
Who: Us
What: Two sets of revisions - We’ll revise the inner pages based on your feedback.
Who: You and Us
What: Website review - We’ll meet for up to an hour to go through the website.
Who: You and Us
What: Style guide - We'll put together a style guide for your new website
Who: Us

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Logo Creation with backup design files - monthly
Design Fee - monthly
Website Maintenance - monthly

Total: $625

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Once the project fee is paid in full to White Confetti Designs, any elements of text, graphics, photos, contents, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to client of White Confetti Designs for inclusion in website are owned by client. White Confetti Designs works in direct Envato for custom web graphics and has a design portfolio in conjunction with Envato through their website. White Confetti Designs assumes client has permission from the rightful owner to use any images or design elements that are provided by client for inclusion in the website, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend White Confetti Designs from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements. White Confetti Designs retains the right to display graphics and other web content elements as examples of their work in their portfolio and as content features in other projects. White Confetti Designs also retains the right to place their logo and link at the bottom of the website page(s). The agreement contained in this contract / proposal constitutes the sole agreement between client and White Confetti Designs regarding all items included in this agreement.